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"I spent the past 5 years trying to qualify for Boston Marathon. I finally managed a decent qualifying time after spending a year working with Union Running. In the past I would ask doctors and physical therapy people (because I was always getting injured) about plans specifically for runners to stay physically healthy and strong. I finally found the answer to my problems with UR. The Foundation class, running on the Truform and guided runs have really helped my whole running physical well being. I am so much stronger! And the coaching has encouraged strategies that have been crucial in my whole body health - physical and mental. Things like yoga, eating habits, sleep habits and mental tools to get through tough moments in my running. The last 6 miles of my last marathon were a breeze. That has never happened to me. I usually crash and burn at the end. Kudos to UR for helping me achieve my goal!!!!"



"Union Running has make a tremendous positive impact in my life since I joined. I have always been a runner but due to poor form I got injured. I’ve learned how to run without injury and post importantly how to improve my overall health. I want to run for the rest of my life. I know with all that I have learned at UR and will still learn I will be able to love running for as long as I want to."



"Union Running isn’t just a place to workout, it’s a community of the most amazing, kind, and supportive people. The coaches are hands down the best around. I used to be terrified of running, I always wanted to run but it scared me. I joined union running in January of 2018, my goal was to run without wanting to die...a little over a year later I signed up for my first 10k. If you’re looking to get healthy, meet some running goals, and make some great friends along the way I highly recommend Union Running!!! #weareunionrunning"



"It is not an easy thing to know when to push someone or when to support them and Nikki and Erin do this seamlessly. They always seem to send you a message just at the right time when you need it! You will always feel better when you leave than you did when you walked in."



"Union Running has been such a great experience for me! Erin and Niki and all of the UR members are so welcoming. Erin is keeping me on a positive exercise track that I might otherwise fall off of when left to my own devices."



"Union Running has provided me with a community of support, healthy living and fun!"



"Union Running  has recently helped me stay active through a knee injury.  I, along, with the professionals, i.e., physical therapists and Dr.'s have given me kudos on how healthy I was pre-injury which has completely helped me heal quicker and with less pain and less time out of the gym and this is due to being active and working out at Union Running.  Union Running specializes in running, but the coaches are experts in so many other areas.  If you haven't tried out one of their Elements classes, DO IT, you'll see that it's so much more than running.  Not only are you supported by your coaches, but by ALL the UR members.  I'm not back to running races just yet, but thanks to all their expertise, I may be running races again soon and without surgery!"



"Union Running has reminded me what I enjoy about running, the coaches are a great support network and UR has a phenomenal group of people to train with.  My technique and confidence has grown- I’m so grateful!"



"Union Running has changed EVERYTHING about my running- I have gone from finding  running treacherous to running for fun and with a smile.  The coaches are dedicated and in the year and half I have been attending classes they have  never missed a class, workout and or have been late.  Their commitment goes beyond the gym, track and road- following up after new workouts and helping when you have an injury to modify the exercise.  Each exercise the trainer is hands on to help maximize the workout but also prevent injury!  They are the best!  #thebest"